Contortionist's Act

Watching the performance in the contortionist’s tent, Matt can hardly tell where limbs begin and end—everything’s compressed together!

After the show, they offer some advice.

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“A house-elf, dropping by, brought around diamonds for a laced garment. Sailors missing extremities adorn the home of the first five characters. Charlie’s turned rotund!”

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“It’s a takeover—resize! Revolutionary harbors Utah’s primary ethnic group; the Yankee follower attracted a light source enveloping half of four.”

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“Students, in my eyes, make a mistake from two sizes. After the setter, a small dog follows a potential first course to the tops of some oceanic underwater plane?”

(6,4 2,4)
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“No! The edge’s oddly charred stationery pencil in a tundra. Watch Solvent: Act One as Elizabeth enters.”

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“An alien hiding in empty gardens receives critical intelligence backing huge Spanish article: featured, back-to-front, in Casa Louse.”

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“A member of a siege, champion and knight Don uttered, ‘In what place, last?’ Card the United Nations organization head!”