“Any volunteers?” asks the Magician. “No?” He looks at the two wide-eyed kids in front of him. “Come on up! We have two identical boxes on stage, please each enter one.”

The Magician then whispers, “Just follow the instructions inside for this mystical effect to succeed. Matt and Emma, right? Good luck!”

They see the following in their box:

Name one...

Instructions: Trust your initial instincts (recommended thinking time is given).
________ (take all your time)
________ character (first name) (6 seconds)
________ tall cylindrical enemy (8 seconds)
________ instrument (6 seconds)
________ (Middle Eastern) (4 seconds)
________ diner worker (3 seconds)
________ member (3 seconds)
________ is also known as (2 seconds)
________ song (3 seconds)