Suspicious Partner

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There seems to be some drama between the love rivals.
A musical actress inan arranged marriageCop who used to bea stalkerGenius profiler with aserial killer brotherRespected (but corrupt) modern-day emperorFormer singer and CEO ofentertainment companyNews anchordiagnosed with breastcancerWeather forecasterYoung girl namedafter military admiralAn ex-convict who isalso a restaurant ownerFormer pediatricpsychiatristHorseback rider andfencer from a rich familyProsecutor who toesthe line of legalityAdopted after beingmistaken for man's dead sonBully who is the heirto his dad's hotelNewbie reporter whohiccups when she liesScholarship studentwhose mom is muteA hopeless romanticraised in an orphanageMurdered step-father tobecome the first ladyRich man in anarranged marriageTook the place ofdoppelganger for moneyGrandson ofMongol leaderLeader and parent of threePersistent writer of trashy tabloidsRich man's daughter645762
There seems to be some drama between the love rivals.
Adopted after being mistaken for man's dead son
Bully who is the heir to his dad's hotel
Newbie reporter who hiccups when she lies
Scholarship student whose mom is mute
An ex-convict who is also a restaurant ownerA hopeless romantic raised in an orphanage
Former pediatric psychiatristMurdered step-father to become the first lady
Horseback rider and fencer from a rich familyRich man in an arranged marriage
Prosecutor who toes the line of legalityTook the place of doppelganger for money
Former singer and CEO of entertainment companyGrandson of Mongol leader
News anchor diagnosed with breast cancerLeader and parent of three
Weather forecasterPersistent writer of trashy tabloids
Young girl named after military admiralRich man's daughter
A musical actress in an arranged marriage
Cop who used to be a stalker
Genius profiler with a serial killer brother
Respected (but corrupt) modern-day emperor