The Directory


I started from the initial node and climbed to an adjacent node. I then traveled forward for 9 nodes, before dropping to another node. I then made a step right, a step up, and a step up-right. Finally, I traveled 7 more nodes forward.

I started on the red node and traveled 6 nodes south. I then went 1 node up, and then entered a named node. I then took a shortcut to another named node. From there, I went down-right, then up-right three nodes.

I started at the node with the smallest number of adjacent nodes. I then went west into the sea, then up-left back onto land.

I started from the only node with an out-degree of 2. I took the path of a hardened criminal and did my time, traveling down-right then forward 15 nodes after that.

I started from the red node with the highest degree. I traveled northwest 3 nodes away. I then went down-left, and then down-left again.

I started from the least connected node of the most prevalent color, and then moved 2 nodes away, crossing across the sea each time. From there, I traveled down-right twice.

I started from a coastal node with degree 2 and took the longest route. I then traveled along the lightest route, then the darkest route, then up-right, then up-right again.

I started at the largest yellow node, traveled 6 nodes in one direction, then turned slightly left and went 6 more nodes. Finally, I turned left again and went 4 more nodes.

I started from the easternmost node, which tied for the highest value in its region. I traveled up-left and then right. Finally, I went southeast, and then east.