Tunnel of Lust

There are some Lecherous Limericks scrawled on the wall...

An inflated nurse lived to assist.
Outcries of pain he could not resist.
But when his chip got removed
Its effect behooved
That his patients would come... meet his fist.

This challenger won't miss a call
To advance and fly straight to the brawl.
Not a chance for resistance!
He'll shoot beams from a distance,
Or smash his bros up 'gainst a wall.

This auto chief is quite a breed!
To stop one from giving his Seed,
He brandished his sword;
He aimed and he scored
A shot to the rogue black ops lead.
______ ___________ _____

A security sidekick told to stay on the ship
Decided to pull out -- he gave them the slip.
Then he covered their asses,
Those rebellious masses,
Against enemy troopers with an imperial zip.

This brainiac had a romantic affinity
And wrote love poetry with great ability
But his sweet crush was to be wed
So he killed himself dead,
His poems an exercise in futility

This big boy is turned on by squirrels!
In truth, though, he’s really quite servile.
He aches to be a child,
Ne'er seen without a smile,
Even as his rampage through Danville unfurls.

This squadmate disdains exclusivity;
He's inclined towards group activities.
With one-one-eight-three friends
He goes on to cleanse
The world of creators– progressivity!

This 200-year clockmaker bud
Had, sadly, a limiting dud--
With wood he was handy,
But he couldn't get randy,
So he ejected his fluids for blood.

On a barren world flowing with ash,
One rebels against picking up trash.
He escapes with a thrust
Of starry-eyed lust
Getting off for his girl in a flash.

This doctor's servant was oft penetrated
By a dream on a hill, standing elevated
But in the office's privacy
(In a moment sans piety)
The poor doctor fell, defenestrated!

NB: See original puzzle page for additional formatting.