Written by Herman Chau, Rachel Wei, and Patrick Xia


This metapuzzle uses the 9 answers from the original carnival, and is related to the puzzle Magical.

We want to fill in the blanks with each of the answers such that we can find one word or phrase that starts with E. There are a few hints for this:

  • The only difference between the two puzzles is the title, which start with M and E.
  • Matt and Emma also start with M and E.
  • The instructions ask us to trust our “initial” instincts.
  • The instructions ask us to name “one”, suggesting that we need a criteria to narrow down the list to one item.
  • “mystical effect” also starts with M and E.

We can find exactly one word or phrase starting with the right letter. The number of seconds is an index into the answer. For the first one, we take all of the letters. Reading down the page, the answer is EMMAZON PRIME.

Name one...AnswerExtracted Letter(s)
YOUR NAME (take all your time)EMMAEMMA
BLACKADDER'S CHRISTMAS CAROL character (first name) (6 seconds) EBENEZERZ
ENTER THE GUNGEON tall cylindrical enemy (8 seconds)EXECUTIONERO
FOUR DIALOGUES instrument (6 seconds)EUPHONIUMN
CIVILIZATION (Middle Eastern) (4 seconds)EGYPTP
WILLIAMSBURG diner worker (3 seconds)EARLR
GREAT LAKES member (3 seconds)ERIEI
SLIM SHADY is also known as (2 seconds)EMINEMM