Par Re-Sing

Written by Liam Thomas


This is a puzzle about rearranging syllables in words. The clues on the left-hand side clue nonsense phrases, which can be rearranged to get real words that correspond to the clues on the right hand side. The nonsense phrases are alphabetized by answer, so we reorder using the real word clues.

Left clue AnswerRight clueRearrangedNumberLetter
If you had a coarse and rough particle for each electric guitar accompanier, you would have aSand Per Amp"Symbol"AMPERSAND1A
If your mother was in Senegal, she might be aDakar Mom"Spice"CARDAMOM4D
If you had one star for each head covering (especially attached to a coat), you would have oneSun Per Hood"Humanity"PERSONHOOD10D
If you presented a TV award to a kind of public transit, it would be aBus Emmy"Ministry"EMBASSY3B
If everything was one sea creature, you might remark that it isAll A Fish"Authoritative"OFFICIAL8L
If you were in a British bathroom for a renter, you might be in aTenant Loo"Officer"LIEUTENANT8A
If you had a gathering on a Mediterrainean island, it would be aCrete Con"Construction Material"CONCRETE1C
A rod with a metal container on it that isn't sharp might be aDull Can Stick"Light source"CANDLESTICK11K
If you were to write a legbone which was the impostor, you mightPen Sus Shin"Bridge"SUSPENSION5E
If you had a metal precursor inside a C product data type, you might have someOre In Struct"Teacher"INSTRUCTOR5R
If you were a hunk or small metal fastener on the internet, you might be anE-Stud"Learn"STUDY1S
If you were to domesticate an average buttocks, you mightTame Par Ass"Sweetener"ASPARTAME8M
If a commercial was moral, it might be aJust Ad"Alter"ADJUST4U
If you were to find the lowest value of ingratiating smiling, you might be looking for theSimper Min"Fruit"PERSIMMON4S
If you had a lesion in your mouth, it might be aGum Sore"Grain"SORGHUM1S
If you wanted to build a lower jaw, you might want aChin Kit"Restaurant"KITCHEN1K
If something satisfies a lady, it mightSuit Her"Hairy"HIRSUTE3R
If you disliked a theatrical production, you might insult it with aPlay Diss"Showcase"DISPLAY2I
If you want to look at your boy, you might goSon Seeing"Salt"SEASONING1S
If you made a hot beverage out of an insect conflict, you would have anAnt War Tea"Guarantee"WARRANTY3R
If you were really good with persons, places or things, you might be aNoun Pro"Identifier"PRONOUN3O
If you were in a country in the UK, you might be inEngland"Touchdown"LANDING1L
You might call a sick blood vessel anIll Artery"Cannon"ARTILLERY7E
If you removed a cut, you might be making aDe-incision"Doubt"INDECISION5C
If you had a face covering which represented a long period of time, you might have aEra Mask"Makeup"MASCARA2A
If you were presenting a lightweight metal to an upper-class gentleman, you might say...Tin, Sir"Definite"CERTAIN3R
You might call the edge of a rock aStone Brim"Sulfur"BRIMSTONE9E

Indexing into the real words gives us the cluephrase ADDBLACKERS MUSSKRIS ROLECARE. We rearrange these syllables again to get BLACKADDER'S CHRISTMAS CAROL, the answer to the puzzle.